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Contributor Profiles

This website has been designed and coordinated by Professor Natascha Gentz, Chair of Chinese and Head of Asian Studies, in collaboration with a group of her PhD and Postgraduate students in Chinese Studies with additional inputs and contributions from friends of the Confucius Institute.  

Project Co-ordinator  

  • Natascha Gentz, University of Edinburgh

Professor Natascha Gentz is also Director of the Confucius Institute and Dean International (China) at the University of Edinburgh.

Project Staff

  • Lara Arnason

Lara has received her MSc in Modern Chinese Cultural Studies with distinction at the University of Edinburgh and is currently writing a PhD on contemporary Chinese media and online gaming at the University of Edinburgh.

  • Joaquin Franco

Joaquin has graduated in the 2 year Master of Chinese Studies programme in 2009 and worked for one year at CBBC. He contributed to the project prior to its launch in 2010.

  • Nathalie Schultz

Nathalie is also a graduate of the 2 year Master of Chinese Studies programme, and contributed to the website during her studies in 2009.

  • Graham Thompson

Graham has been a strong supporter of this project from its inception. Graham lived in Shanghai as an editor of business books and magazines between 2002 and 2008. He has now returned to Edinburgh to set up and manage The Blackford Trust, a charity that supports a variety of projects in China.  

  • Paul Traynor

Paul studied Chinese at the University of Edinburgh as an undergraduate student and is, since 2008, working as a journalist in Shanghai. His main contribution to the website is on Chinese media.

  • Anne Zeng

Anne has studied at Moray House School for the PGDE programme in Mandarin to become a Chinese language teacher.